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Twenty20 exposes, educates, and empowers young people to pursue their dreams while providing resources to help them plan for a successful future as they take on college and/or a career.

  • Exposes students to the multitude of career opportunities available with an emphasis on nontraditional careers for black and brown students

  • Educates students on the skills necessary to successfully navigate young adulthood

  • Empowers students to learn more about themselves and pursue their dreams

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Focus Areas

Twenty20 will provide a space for young people to focus on their vision in pursuit of achieving success through Mentorship, College, and Career Readiness

Writing on Glass


Mentorship will serve as means to connect our youth with young adults in various industries and professions who come from similar backgrounds, allowing students to learn and gain exposure to the real world.

College Readiness

We’re committed to helping our students transition into the college experience. We prepare our students to be academically ready for college courses, with a focus on choosing a major that is right for their future career path.

Career Readiness

Through our programs and resources, our students will develop and hone skills that will prepare them for whichever career path they choose.

Meet the Team

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Khaliq Gatson


Marissa Robinson

Director of Operations

Rick Henry

Program Director

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